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Here is a Izumi with a treat for you that you may find useful as your fingers and eyes follow my footsteps and lenses along streets, parks, cemeteries and other places, always seeking that elusive Decisive Moment but also on the prowl and lookout for interesting lighting, buildings, windows, activities and peoples that I can show you here.

I have made a listing of all the Diary pages and what they are called and what is in them, so if you are looking for a particular one it may be easier to find. And you can go straight to it from this page.

I have also written some special pages on aspects of street photography that you may find interesting and which do not easily become Diary pages. You will find the links to them if you go down to the end of the list.

And always remember what my uncle used to say to me, quoting an old proverb (or so he said): "When needed, a nice cup of tea will relax the body and stimulate the mind".

My uncle also told me that to get the most from a camera you should read the
instruction book, because it was probably written by the person who understood
the camera best. He was right, and that is why I am such good friends with my PEN.
    Special Subject Pages are at the bottom  
  Diary Pages    
  Diary Page 1 10 September 2010 Hello from the Early Streets
        First footsteps with a camera along the foggy streets
  Diary Page 2 14 September 2010 My Sister Kombi
        Tales of M Cartier-Bresson, our car and my sister who isn't
  Diary Page 3 17 September 2010 Camera Must Try More to be Happy
        Problems with no viewfinder
  Diary Page 4 22 September 2010 Learning with the Eyes
        I learn a lesson about looking
  Diary Page 5 5 October 2010 Moments are Escaping
        More problems with no viewfinder but nice early light
  Diary Page 6 12 October 2010 Blossoms are Blooming in Spring
        Discovering new things of Springtime, T Enami and Jeff Carter
  Diary Page 7 19 October 2010 It's Not Just Tools, But They Help
        My excitement in exploring my new PEN
  Diary Page 8 26 October 2010 A Great Eye Has Closed
        Memories of my friend Jeff
  Diary Page 9 5 November 2010 Walking with my New Friend
        Shooting with my PEN
  Diary Page 10 15 November 2010 When I Hunt Like Cyclops
        Shooting with just the 20mm 'street' lens
  Diary Page 11 24 November 2010 A New Eye for my PEN
        Shooting with the manual 35mm fast prime
  Diary Page 12 6 December 2010 Hello, Mr Sun
        Sunrise at Sydney Park, for a change
  Diary Page 13 16 December 2010 Peaceful Stillness in Mornings after Rain and Storms
        Walking the streets again
  Diary Page 14 4 January 2011 Confessions of a Lens Fangirl
        More lenses join the family
  Diary Page 15 12 January 2011 Return to the Waterhole
        On the streets in H C-B's footsteps
  Diary Page 16 24 January 2011 Roaming in the Gloaming
        Out early with the fast primes
  Diary Page 17 2 February 2011 With PEN on the Streets
        Walking on new streets to see if they really are different
  Diary Page 18 18 February 2011 After Sunset and Before Sunrise
        More night than morning on the streets
  Diary Page 19 28 February 2011 Dawn Over My PEN
        Early wintry mornings on deserted streets
  Diary Page 20 6 April 2011 Where the Ancestors Sleep
        Earthquakes, tsunamis and the peacefulness of a cemetery
  Diary Page 21 18 April 2011 Sunrise Through my Pinhole
        Can a cemetery be a good place to use a pinhole lens?
  Diary Page 22 26 April 2011 The Streets Beckon Anew
        Street walking after lots of cemetery walking
  Diary Page 23 6 May 2011 Manually Handling the Ancestors
        Waverley Cemetery with my manual prime lenses
  Diary Page 24 16 May 2011 Window Shooting
        On the streets again with a break in the rains
  Diary Page 25 26 May 2011 How Soft is My Pinhole?
        A test of pinhole lenses to see if they make me happy or not
  Diary Page 26 6 June 2011 Art of Steel
        Pinhole photographs that didn't really work as I wanted
  Diary Page 27 16 June 2011 Espresso Time
        The people I meet in the morning at my friend's café
  Diary Page 28 28 June 2011 Portraits in Stone
        Waverley Cemetery with a slightly different purpose
  Diary Page 29 12 July 2011 On the Prowl Again
        Back on the streets with a little guiltiness
  Diary Page 30 28 July 2011 Espresso Secondo
        People and activities at L'Espresso Café
  Diary Page 31 12 August 2011 A Year in Footsteps
        Musings on a year's worth of street (and other) photography
  Diary Page 32 22 August 2011 No Rest for This Lioness
        Life and characters on the awnings of Marrickville
  Diary Page 33 6 September 2011 Walking in the Foggy Morn
        Anzac Bridge just after sunrise
  Diary Page 34 28 September 2011 Espresso Candido
        Candid portraits at my favourite café
  Diary Page 35 12 October 2011 What was Old is Used Again
        An amazing place brought to you using old but wonderful lenses
  Diary Page 36 24 October 2011 Life and Art Can Walk Together
        A coincidence over time or a new life meeting an old?
  Diary Page 37 12 November 2011 From Here to Modernity
        Modern photographs realised through old glassware
  Diary Page 38 24 November 2011 My Own Private Serendip
        I revisit the wonderful old factory and tell you about some lenses
  Diary Page 39 6 December 2011 Happenstance Again
        More relics of industry before my lens
  Diary Page 40 20 December 2011 In Which I Meet Myself
        Walking the streets again and finding a personal surprise
  Diary Page 41 4 January 2012 A Wider Shade of Serendip
        Overcoming disappointment at the flour factory
  Diary Page 42 16 January 2012 Forty-Second Street
        Floods and droughts surround me at the same time in the same streets
  Diary Page 43 26 January 2012 L'Espresso Vita
        Visual proof that where there's caffeine there's happy life
  Diary Page 44 6 February 2012 Flora and the Ancestors
        How something not working can turn out to be interesting after all
  Diary Page 45 20 February 2012 The Quiet Streets
        Despite rain and darkness there are still Moments to be found
  Diary Page 46 12 March 2012 The Quiet Ancestors
        How it is on one side, it's the same on the  other
  Diary Page 47 24 March 2012 Celestial Serendipity
        More magical Moments can come if you open your mind
  Diary Page 48 26 March 2012 Impressions of Rain
        Sometimes it's best to ignore what your mother told you
  Diary Page 49 11 April 2012 Sharper Eyes Clear the Head
        Putting pinholes to rest  
  Diary Page 50 24 April 2012 Winter Draws On
        On the streets with a woolly jumper  
  Diary Page 51 2 May 2012 Pinhole Glory
        One last reprise but for a good cause  
  Diary Page 52 22 May 2012 Leica Lioness
        Is it true what they say about Leica?  
  Diary Page 53 6 June 2012 The World is My Angle
        In which I try something a bit different
  Diary Page 54 24 June 2012 Espresso di Nuovo
        Returning to the familiar aromas of caffeine in the morning
  Diary Page 55 4 July 2012 Circles Closing to my Eyes
        Introducing an old new member of the family
  Diary Page 56 18 July 2012 Celestial Harmony
        Greater things than us can sometimes appear
  Diary Page 57 28 July 2012 Words Without Pictures
        Some musings on the nature of photographing on film
  Diary Page 58 14 August 2012 Streets Slowly Stirring from Slumber
        I can feel the world a-warming
  Diary Page 59 28 August 2012 Orphans of the Digital Age
        Please meet some new family members
  Diary Page 60 8 September 2012 Little Brother Shows You His Mettle
        Returning back to the glory of black & white film
  Diary Page 61 18 September 2012 The Ancestors Sleep in their Blankets of Fog
        Something old, something new and something mysterious for the soul
  Diary Page 62 28 September 2012 Warmer Walking
        Back on the streets with a Summer in my step
  Diary Page 63 8 October 2012 Photographs Taken in a City Churchyard
        The Ancestors in a poetic vein from many different aspects
  Diary Page 64 24 October 2012 Festivities Afoot
        Lots of legs along Marrickville Road  
  Diary Page 65 8 November 2012 The Streets of Summer
        Sights and sounds of sizzling days
  Diary Page 66 28 November 2012 Walking in a Different Light
        Wavelengths beyond our mortal ken
  Diary Page 67 12 December 2012 My Eyes Opened Wide
        Vistas within and without  
  Diary Page 68 30 December 2012 The Night Airs
        Parting the night's mysteries  
  Diary Page 69 12 January 2013 Little Balls of Light
        The reality of a television fantasy  
  Diary Page 70 22 January 2013 Waking to a Different Light
        More wavelengths than we can ever see  
  Diary Page 71 12 February 2013 Le Petit Barista
        My happy photographs appear in Paris Match  
  Diary Page 72 20 February 2013 Sora
        In which I look up rather than around  
  Diary Page 73 6 March 2013 Back to the Streets
        Trying to revive the paths of old  
  Diary Page 74 20 March 2013 The Life of Bikes
        PEN and the art of bicycle patience  
  Diary Page 75 8 April 2013 Wet Wednesday
        The day the Heavens opened and I got very wet for my art
  Diary Page 76 26 April 2013 Slow Fastness
        An experiment in time and motion  
  Diary Page 77 6 May 2013 From My Eyes Only
        Some special happy photographs to have with your morning cuppa
  Diary Page 78 18 May 2013 The Joys of Pinholes
        It’s pinhole time again  
  Diary Page 79 28 May 2013 Sunday in the Park with Fog
        A foggy day in old Newtown  
  Diary Page 80 6 June 2013 The Rollei Monster
        A lighter parallel of life and art  
  Diary Page 81 18 June 2013 Walking in Hopes
        A hopeful heart leads to happy captures  
  Special Subject Pages    
    Following the Woodblock Footsteps
      Information about a famous woodblock artist and his travels in
Japan en flân, with plenty of his artwork to gaze on and marvel at.
    The Edo Ladies' Pinhole Camera Club
      The fascinating story of a hitherto unknown group of photographers
in Japan in the late 1800s, with hand-coloured photographs of them.
    A Flâneur Walks in Old Japan
      A Japanese photographer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who was
a flâneur of his times without really knowing it, and examples of his work.
    Processing Places
      Where I buy my 110, 35mm and 120 film, and where I get it processed.
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