Izumi's Diary Page 5      Tuesday 5 October 2010  
Moments are Escaping

Hello, it is Izumi here and I must tell you that I am having no small unhappiness with photographing in the streets.

I am finding this camera without the viewfinder very difficult. Izumi likes her eye to be selecting the image from the scene in front of her by holding the camera up to her face so she can be contemplating the photograph to come, but looking at a little television on the back of the camera and holding it out with her arms is not getting exactly the framing to her liking. I think many Decisive Moments are eluding their rightful capture. Also, what is coming from the card to the computer for post-production is not what my head said was the photograph that was taken.

Picture by Keisan
Here I hunt like a tiger in the jungle
  Also many times Izumi can see with her eye what is an interesting photograph but the camera is too slow to capture it. And when sometimes there could be two or even more photographs that happen quickly after each other then most of them escape even though the camera is set on fast sequence to help with the capture.  

I am very careful that it is not any lack of cleverness from me that makes me think like this so I have been talking to people about it and they say that I must practice with the camera to be speedy almost without thought. I can now do this much better but sometimes the camera is as fast as it can be but is still too slow. Sometimes I think my old Sakura was better, but then I think perhaps not. I am just having cherry-blossom memories because of this frustration.

But I must be fair as the camera that I am using should not be blamed so much since I am using him for purposes that he is not really born for. I think he is really waiting for warmer weather so he can be underwater with the koi fishes and everyone can be happy with him then because he makes very happy photographs of the kois. 

And some people when they look at my photographs, even ones that are not the most happy for me, say things that make me happy to be talking more photographs and keep looking for those Moments that I mentioned to you before in my writings.


But they see only the ones that are photographs that are good - they do not know what Izumi knows of the ones that should be there but are not.


I wonder if M Cartier-Bresson had a name for Moments that escape?

Maybe Izumi finds a Decisive Cat!
Picture by Saitou Atsushi

But this will not to stop me still getting up for the early morning light and going out to see what is there. Sometimes I feel like an olden-days explorer who is wondering what is over the next mountain, but for me really it is only the next corner.


If Mr Columbus had decided to stay in bed and not go sailing maybe America would not be discovered. Or if Mr Cook had wanted to have another cup of tea and piece of toast with Mrs Cook and not look for Venus passing the Sun then I would not have Australia to visit and live in and become excited about finding more Decisive Moments to add to the ones already discovered by M Cartier-Bresson and others and write about my happiness and problems for you to read about here. My country is different because it is very old and, always being there, was not needing to be discovered like New World or Down Under places.

Shadow Flight
Pentax Optio W80 w 5-25mm, 1/200 sec, f/4.6, 125 ISO, 34mm (eqiv)

Winter is now going back to his hibernation and I find that the early morning, which is when I like the light best for my photographs, is becoming earlier and earlier. As you can see from my photographs here the streets that are my hunting ground have shops and footpaths on both sides so I have to be in them when the sun comes up over one side and shines into the windows of the other side making the deep shadows that I like. And I only have until the sun climbs higher and the awnings then block his rays from the windows. I am like the lioness who can’t have a sleep-in because then the wildebeest will be gone when she goes out to look for her breakfast.


Perhaps I can call this Decisive Light.

Red Cups I
Pentax Optio W80 w 5-25mm, 1/160 sec, f/3.5, 125 ISO, 28mm (eqiv)

Here above is a photograph that makes me happy and is full of the light and shadow that I like. Sometimes I find more than one photograph at the same place and here is another one below that makes me happy too.

Red Cups II
Pentax Optio W80 w 5-25mm, 1/250 sec, f/5.5, 125 ISO, 140mm (eqiv)

Despite what I said before about the camera, these photographs have turned out very happily but I do think it is time to look for a camera that M Cartier-Bresson would be advising me to use if he and I could talk about such things when we have our coffee in the mornings at the street café.


And I would like to have coffee with him from these red cups. It reminds me a little bit of the naughtiness that people say is in Paris.


Perhaps I will say hints about a particular present for my birthday, then.

Bus Stop I
Pentax Optio W80 w 5-25mm, 1/200 sec, f/5.2, 125 ISO, 115mm (eqiv)

And I also must have a thoughtful look at a book that David bought for me all about M Cartier-Bresson and how he was taking the photographs that he did. It is from a big exhibition of his works at the Museum of Modern Art in New York this year.


How I would love to see such an exhibition and also to be in the streets of New York with a camera that is good for such photographs. I think Izumi would be like the city itself and never sleep!


Now I can go and have a cup of tea. Thank you for being with me,



To fully understand my footsteps, please read me from the start.
Izumi's Diary Page 5
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