What's New on the Rialto

The home page has a new image (at last!) and other pages have been added and updated.

The links to various sections are now to the left of the home page photo and will take you to the introductory page of each section, from where you can explore whatever's in that part of the site.

There are new pages in Izumi's diary and there is now information on the photographers series, with more to come soon.

Izumi also has unearthed information on the fascinating Edo Ladies' Pinhole Camera Club, which was active in Tokyo from the 1880s to the 1910s. There is a link to it from her News page, or here.

There is information on the Bert Flugelman book On Further Reflection, with a brief selection of images from it, and more to come as they are processed and as time allows.

Jeff Carter's very successful but sadly posthumous exhibition at the State Library of New South Wales has now closed.


But there is a Jeff tribute page here and Izumi's account of her visit to Foxground here.

And information on Jeff's documentary here.


And, as the old refrain goes, if you're interested, please keep visiting. It is an evolving feast (as the best ones are), so come up to the table, have a nibble or a graze and wander away at will. It's all you can eat, with nobody asked to buy.


There you go…



David Perry




















Tom Bass working on a sculpture in his studio late last year.

We were in production on a documentary on Tom as part of the Shapes of Mind sculptors series when he died in February this year.

Still, 94 is not a bad innings. See you, Tom.


We were shooting in High Definition and this image is from the video frame.