Salvatore at work in his Seaforth studio

Salvatore Zofrea was interested in painting even before he arrived in Australia from Italy at the age of nine. He quickly established himself on the Sydney art scene and by his early twenties had had many one-man shows at leading galleries. He has also been accepted many times for the Archibald, Blake, Wynne and Sulman Exhibitions, winning the latter three times.

Salvatore’s portraits are expressed in various media - watercolour, oil, woodcut, etching and fresco. His subjects range from the heavyweights of politics and commerce, who usually commission his works for boardroom walls, to friends and acquaintances whom he paints for his own pleasure. “It’s all part of our journey through life,” he says. “My paintings portray how I respond to you and how you respond to me.” Salvatore is also well-known for his thematic series – The Psalms, The Appassionata, Zofrea’s Zoo, The Love Poems of Ovid, The Odyssey, The Journeyman, Capricornia, Nero’s Poems, to name some. 

In this delightful and insightful video portrait of the artist, we see Salvatore immersed in his work in his studio at Seaforth, a Sydney suburb. “I have to keep painting,” he says. “There is nothing else I want to do. There is so much still to be done and my head is bigger than the time I’ve got.”

A DVD of Salvatore Zofrea - A Passion for Paint should be available later this year
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